Meet Dr. Chris Branuelas, DC


Dr. Chris Branuelas, Chiropractor

Chris was first introduced to chiropractic when he was 5-years-old. At the time, he suffered from intense headaches due to his scoliosis. As he grew, these headaches interfered with everything from his studies, to athletics. These symptoms remained for a majority of his life.

At Temecula Valley High School and long before chiropractic, Chris hypothesized that there was a correlation between the successful popular students and posture. After high school, Chris joined the Navy as a submariner in the pursuit of an education, adventure and service. Chris then worked at Industrial steel facility before returning to school for his chiropractic education.

He loves to teach and believes the most powerful tool we have is to listen to how our bodies talk to us. He is constantly learning and continually challenges himself to become a better chiropractor, educator and person. In his spare time, Chris also volunteers with the juvenile court system. He hopes to create a healthy, connected and supportive community.