Why I Became A Chiropractor

I have frequently been asked, “Why did you become a chiropractor?”

Here are the personal experiences that caused me to seek out this profession.

When I was 6, I would get headaches 3 times a week with such intensity that I would writhe and scream from the pain. My mother would give me Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but it never seemed to help. Some of my earliest memories are of her crying from frustration and hopeless being unable to help me. Sometimes, I didn’t tell her when I had headaches and hid in my room, because it broke my heart to be the reason she was crying.

When I was 23, serving in the Navy, I developed a functional scoliosis. The condition caused a rib to be out of place that compressed my heart. This recreated the symptoms of a heart attack (pain down the inside of my arm radiating from the left side of my chest – a terrifying experience.

Chiropractic care has been the only method I’ve found of correcting and preventing the causes behind these symptoms. Since then, I have dedicated myself to understanding how the body works and why we express symptoms like these. I hope to share these solutions through my practice.

We live in a time where our lifestyles cause the majority of our illness. My goal is to educate people on how to listen to their bodies and take care of them so that painful and even terrifying experiences can be avoided for them and their children. Once we learn to listen to our bodies, we can better take care of ourselves and be the best version of ourselves throughout our lives.

It has been my experience that when my body and my minds’ needs are attentively addressed, I am more patient, loving, and happy with everyone around me. This is what I hope to bring to my community.

I invite you not to take my word for it. Come and get checked and see if chiropractic can change your life and those around you. Just call (951)698-2511 and ask for Dr. Chris.